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Top 10 Best Search Engines List

Search Engines is a online computer program that find pdf documents, Images, Videos and HTML webpages for specific keyword and returns the high quality results of any web page that contains those keywords. Search Engines crawled and indexed the vast amounts of web pages and show the full total results dependant on their importance. World most popular safe internet search engine is Google end of 2016 62+ billion pages indexed by Google. Top 5 safe Serp is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask.com, AOL.

 best search engines list

1 Google.com Alexa rank = 1 Similarweb rank = 1
Google.com Google.com was first produced by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in The month of september 1998. 68.47 Pct search market control by google inc. Organization provide 1000 of products and services like email, Google+, Google Search, Google Drive, Chrome, Youtube, Blogger, Android. Pagerank and backlink building can be popular algorithm provided by Google. This company recorded 96% income was produced from their advertising programs. Applying Google searching images, videos, news, maps. More than 1+ billion Around the world unique visitors utilize this website and also 55,976 employees operate this company. During 2005 the search engines google create a computer’s desktop and mobile mapping service. It all offering road maps, satellite symbolism. Company CEO = Sundar Pichai. Enterprise earnings US $68.83 billion in 2015. Net gain US $16.888 billion. Business total value = $108.31 billion dollars. Total employees = 59,976 (Q3 2016).
2 Bing.com    Alexa rank = 19   Similarweb rank = 30
In June 2009 bing developed by microsoft. Bing offering three line display format first steering column for traditional search results, second column shows structured data and in 1 / 3 column data shows provides from facebook and twitter. Bing offer some functions such as interface, mass media, local info, integration with hotmail, the usage with facebook or myspace, integration with apple, incorporation with window8. Bing entertainment service allow visitors to Watch Movies, Music, Games and Tv shows and shows. the particular Bing finance and local services provide complete information about stock market and local business reviews and details. The images and videos search algorithm help users to search most relevant photographs and videos quickly. Bing ecommerce market features allow users to find flight tickets, hotels and online products. fifty four. 6 , 000, 000 USA unique visitors utilize this website.
3 Yahoo.com    Alexa rank = 5   Similarweb rank = 5
Yahoo is a web-portal secure internet search engine produced by David Filo and Jerry Yang in 1994. In accordance to comscore 196 million ALL OF US site visitors use yahoo. Google provides Sports activities information, information, Popular music, Video clips, financial, messenger, mail, roadmaps. Yahoo offer communication services like mail and messenger, google mail service offer 10Gb storage. the business offer some interpersonal networking services like flickr, yahoo hype, yahoo personal ads. End of 2010 yahoo offers mobile services like mobile running a blog and messaging. Bing support the e-commerce market and smaller businesses. Company CEO Marissa chairman and Mayer Maynard webb. Organization income sama dengan US $1. 69 billion dollars | Total assets sama dengan US $16. 80 billion dollars | Total employees sama dengan 14, 223.
4 Yandex.com    Alexa rank = 1,935   Similarweb rank = 1,699
Yandex. com russian based most popular safe internet search engine produced by Arkady Vlozh and Llya Segalovich. Yandex as the 4th most popular internet search engine. According comscore 56 million users from worldwide use Yandex. Organization income sama dengan $39. 4 billion | Operating income = $13. 3 billion dollars | Net gain = $13. 6 billion dollars | Total assets sama dengan $34 billion dollars | Total equity sama dengan $28. fifth 89 billion | Total employees = 5, 432.
5 Baidu.com    Alexa rank = 4   Similarweb rank = 17
Baidu is a most popular chinese internet search engine founded by Robin Li and Eric Xu in january 2000. This internet search engine indexed over 81 mil images, 12 million sound and video files, 750 , 000, 000 webpages. It really is 5th popular internet search engine on the planet no 1 in the China. Baidu company provide several services such as – baidu cloud is most effective impair centered service it offer 3 TB free online storage space. Baidu post bar is another network where users can discuss knowledge and ideas. Baidu image and video investigation services offer an incredible number of multimedia files. Baidu offer interpersonal social networking service users can post images, weblogs, videos through this ongoing service.
6 Ask.com    Alexa rank = 53   Similarweb rank = 49
The Ask was founded by David Garrett and Warthen Gruener in 1995. Ask is a most popular question answering internet search engine, later it add image and online video search facility. Inquire internet browser alexa plugin can show up as extra bar put into the any kind of browser windows. In accordance quantcast 33 million US users utilize this site.
7 AOL.com    Alexa rank = NA   Similarweb rank = NA
AMERICA ONLINE is a media company founded by Steve Circumstance, Marc Seriff, Jim Kimsey. The corporation spend money on many websites. AMERICA ONLINE major purchases Techcrunch, Engadget, MapQuest, The Huffington post. AOL search service run by yahoo inc. AOl offer News also, Lifestyle, Sports activities, Financial, Fun services. Organization income sama dengan $2. nineteen billion | NET GAIN sama dengan $1. 059 billion | Total property = $2. 799 billion dollars | Total employees sama dengan 5, 987.
8 DuckDuckgo.com    Alexa rank = 687   Similarweb rank = 263
In september 2008 duckduckgo was founded by Gabriel Weinberg. This internet search engine uses data from Wikipedia, Bing, Google, Yendex. This se’s puts personal privacy first and will’t log consumer information and will not store IP addresses.
9 Infospace.com    Alexa rank = 3,484   Similarweb rank = 11,081
Infospace is another internet search engine. 60 mil unique site visitors utilize this website. Infospace started by Wealthy Skrenta in 2007. 5 million ALL OF US visitors utilize this site it offer downable browser investigation toolbar. Infospace use the powerful inference graph formula and slashtag filters.
10 Info.com    Alexa rank = 17,960   Similarweb rank = 25,621


 photo credit: stocksnap.io

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